How To: Fake Wound

I’ve been an admirer of SFX makeup for the longest time and wanted to finally try it out for myself. I looked up images and articles on how to create a fake wound, then put that newly acquired knowledge to use. This was my first time attempting a look like this and I pretty much just winged it, using products that I had around the house. I took photos along the way of the transformation and will show you step-by-step how to achieve the fake wound. This would be great if you are going to be a zombie or vampire for Halloween.

Let’s get started!

Products used:


1: Elmer’s Glue | 2: Toilet Paper | 3: Toothpick | 4: L’Oreal W2 True Match Foundation | 5: Rimmel Transparent Stay Matte Pressed Powder | 6: Morphe Black Gel Eyeliner | 7: Morphe 35C Eyeshadow Palette | 8: Hard Candy Medium Light Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer | 9: Cotton Swab | 10: Memebox #RD601 Adriana I’m Lip Liquid | 11: Red Food Coloring

Step 1: Begin by spreading a small amount of glue onto the desired area (make sure that the surface is clean and dry); I used my fingers to dab and spread the glue onto my skin.

Fake Wound

Step 2: Wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky, then roll two-three small pieces of toilet paper in between fingers to create circular strips and place them on top of the glue; position the strips alongside one another and add any leftover pieces on top or bottom of the two strips (this will help with the illusion of a cut wound later on, so feel free to add as many pieces as you like — it doesn’t have to be neat).

Once the paper pieces are positioned in place, gently pat another layer of glue on top and around the paper; then, take a toothpick and divide the two strips down center to create a pool in the middle that will catch the fake blood. Now, wait a couple of minutes for the glue to completely dry (speed up the drying time by using a hair dryer that’s set on cool).

Fake Wound

Ten minutes later . . .

Fake Wound

Step 3: Once the glue is dried, take a makeup wedge (I used one of those cheap triangular ones) and coat the area with a layer of foundation that matches your skin tone, then set the foundation with a matte setting powder.

Fake Wound

Step 4: Now, take a fluffy blending brush and buff a matte black, matte red, and matte brown eyeshadow onto the wound and the surrounding area to create the illusion of bruising — again, you don’t have to be neat while doing this.

It looks like a disgusting bandage . . .

Fake Wound

Step 5: Apply a black gel eyeliner along the inner edges of the wound, then pat the matte red eyeshadow in the center to create more depth.

Since we didn’t use latex glue for this (I didn’t have any), the Elmer’s glue left an unappealing edge around the application area, so we’re going to fix that! Apple a coat of full coverage concealer around the edge of the wound, then reapply the eyeshadows on top to cover the imperfection.

Fake Wound

Step 6: Now, we’re going to work on the inside of the wound. For a more nauseating effect, dip a cotton swab into red food coloring, then pull strains of the cotton off the stick and glue it onto the inside of the wound (apply some eyelash glue onto the wound first before putting the cotton on). Next, dab the red food coloring onto the wound, then take a red lip gloss and smear it around the area for a horrific, bloody finish.


Fake Wound

It’s time to go scare people with this horrendous and awesome faux wound! 🙂

Fake Wound

The removal process was super simple — I just peeled off the wound, then wiped everything off with a makeup remover.

Have fun!

Check out this amazing realistic wound tutorial from the Instructable here!


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